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Team B42


Welcome to the most supportive Team on Twitch!

Team B42 is a community of passionate individuals who are willing to help one another grow as streamers.

On our team, we understand that we are only as strong as our members. We have become one of the fastest growing communities on Twitch because our members are passionate, dedicated and positive. We do not offer a free ticket here. Instead, we offer opportunities for growth and success.

Our leadership team understands the fundamentals of a successful streamer and we are more than excited to guide you to success, and ensure every member is having fun on their journey. We are more than a team, we are family. Communication, friendship and consistency are some of the most powerful tools for growing your stream.

We understand that and will continue to innovate with new ways too interact with fellow team members. Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger.

Team B42 member perks

Discord: Over 4500 members to network and grow together

Facebook: Group of over 2000 streamers to help advertise and grow your brand

Twitter: Follow and use #teamb42 for an automatic retweet

Discord Raids: Four times a day. Check discord for details

Much More! For more info, check our website: https://www.teamb42.com/

Requirements for entry:

-Join our discord family here: https://discord.gg/2Ha3Zbu

-Direct Message Benda42 on discord or Twitch for an invite!







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