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Detailed Statistics of the last 31 days for /discord/536394540609830912/

Users need to have more than 180 Lurkpoints in the current or last month to appear here. A maximum of 300 users is shown
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# Username Points Today Todays Watchtime This month Watchtime this month Last month Watchtime last month Total Watchtime TotalDiscord Bonuspoints Total+Bonuspoints
1 Anonym Users 13239 1 w, 2 d, 4 h, 39 min 13239
2 playr435 406 6 h, 46 minlinked 406
3 EminenceK 30238 2 w, 6 d, 23 h, 58 minlinked 414 30652
4 FarmerBoyJohn 315 5 h, 15 minlinked 315

New statistics are collected since 2019-03-01